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What Are Leg Masks?

Leg masks, like face masks, have many beauty benefits. Nair™ Leg Masks are the first masks for legs that remove stubble and beautify legs, resulting in smooth, gorgeous legs. Not only do Nair™ Leg Masks exfoliate and rejuvenate your legs, they also moisturize your skin while removing hair. These innovative, paraben-free masks are made with seaweed, charcoal and natural clay and are designed to remove hair while drawing out dirt, oil and impurities that make legs look dull and dry. Nair™ Leg Masks are available in two luxurious formulas: Nair Exfoliate & Smooth Leg Mask plus Seaweed and Nair Brighten & Smooth Leg Mask plus Charcoal.

Nair™ Leg Masks deliver multiple benefits by removing stubble, moisturizing skin and minimizing hair regrowth* all in one easy treatment. Incorporate Nair™ Leg Masks into your at-home spa day and treat your lovely legs to some much-needed pampering.

Both Nair Leg Mask bottles with a flip cap next to one another.
A female's bare legs showing off her Nair Leg Mask results.

How Do I Use
Nair Leg Mask logo.

Use Nair™ Leg Masks in between your usual hair removal routine to keep your legs looking and feeling their best. If you’ve used any type of beauty mask before, you’ve got the basics down. ALWAYS complete testing of your new leg mask on a small area of your skin before moving forward with full application. Once you’ve read all product instructions and completed your patch test, you’re ready to get started. Follow these five easy steps to beautify legs and remove hair with Nair™ Leg Masks.

A woman applying a Nair Leg Mask in a bathroom.


Nair™ Leg Mask to your legs. Spread the formula all over your legs to create a thick, even layer.

A woman relaxing in the bathtub with a Nair Leg Mask on.


for five minutes while the mask beautifies your legs. Flip through a magazine or browse social media to pass the time as the formula works to exfoliate dead skin cells away and restore radiance.

A woman checking a small area on her leg to see if stubble wipes away from her Nair Leg Mask.


a small area on your legs to see if the stubble wipes away. If your skin is smooth and stubble free, the mask can be rinsed off. If there’s still some stubble, you can keep the mask on for a few more minutes, but don’t exceed 10 minutes total.

A woman wiping away the Nair Leg Mask with a damp washcloth to complete the leg mask process.


away leg mask with a damp washcloth and rinse away any residue left over in the shower.