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With Nair™ Men, results last days longer than shaving. When the hair grows back, it doesn’t itch like the stubble you get from shaving. And now there’s a formula to suit every guy’s personal preferences. Whether you like a traditional cream, a water resistant cream or a simple spray, Nair™ for Men products give you smooth, professional hair removal results that last. Nair™ for Men is pain-free, easy, and lasts longer than shaving at a fraction of the price of salon hair removal.

A smooth move: using Nair™ creams and lotions. Because they don't cut hair, but rather, dissolve hair below the surface, Nair™ products leave behind a smooth finish. They also moisturize and exfoliate. And when using Nair™ lotions, the result is skin that feels smoother and softer days longer than shaving and for a fraction of the price of the salon.
While razors cut hair off at the surface, waxing removes hair well below, at root level. And it even works on short hairs, with results that can last up to 8 weeks. With Nair™ Wax Strips, it couldn't be easier to get soft, smooth, nick-free, touchable skin. Get salon-like results without the salon price. The less you wear, the more you need Nair™.

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