Frequently Asked Questions
How do depilatories work?
Depilatory creams contain reducing agents, like potassium and calcium thioglycolate that work by breaking the disulfide bonds of hair. The bonds that give hair its strength and structure and thus when you break these bonds, the hair can be easily wiped away and removed.
How often can I use Nair for Men?
Nair for Men should not be used more often than once per week.
Why use Nair for Men?
It is quick and easy! In as little as three minutes and with no nicks or cuts like with razors you can be free of unwanted hair.
Will Nair for Men affect how my hair grows back?
Nair for Men does not affect the rate at which one’s hair grows, nor the character or thickness of the hair shaft.
How many uses per bottle should I get?
Depending on where on the body hair removal is performed, generally each bottle will provide multiple uses.
Does Nair for Men work on short hair?
Yes! It will dissolve short hair just below the skin’s surface to provide effective hair removal that lasts days longer than shaving.
Will Nair affect my tattoo?
No. Depilatories are surface chemicals and will not affect tattoos.
Why can’t I use this on my head, face, nose, ears, nipples, perianal area or genital areas?
Depilatories are strongly alkaline and can be erosive in areas of mucous membranes and other sensitive parts of the body. Use of any depilatories in these sensitive areas, especially if left in contact for any length of time, can cause irritation.
How long after using this product do I need to wait before using a tanning bed?
We suggest waiting 24 to 48 hours if skin is normal and healthy, and no irritation is evident.
Does Nair have any effect on self-tanning products?
Nair exfoliates skin in addition to removing hair so using it before tanning will help you achieve a more even tan.
What makes this “dermatologist tested”?
This product was clinically tested under the supervision of a Board certified dermatologist.
At what ages can my youth begin to use this product?
We recommend that youth 12 and older use this product. Please contact your physician with questions.
Where can I buy Nair for Men products?
Nair™ for Men is available in fine drug, food and mass (like Wal-Mart and Target) retail stores.
Do you have any products that would be appropriate for women?
Yes! Please check out our entire product line for women at
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