Brazilian Spa Clay

Pamper your skin like never before. Discover our complete line of luxurious hair removal treatments, inspired by the secrets of the Brazilian spa.

Infused with moisturizing mango butter, açai berry and mineral-rich clay, these new innovations from NAIR™ will leave your skin smooth and radiantly beautiful at a fraction of the cost of a salon visit.

Easy to use and convenient, you’ll not only love how smooth and silky your skin is, you’ll love how long the smoothness lasts.

Brazilian Spa Clay
Brazilian Spa Clay
Brazilian Spa Clay Ingredient Mango
Go, Go Mango
Known as the “divine fruit,” this antioxidant-rich tropical wonder is a Brazilian favorite because of its natural moisturizing properties. Just a bit of Mango Butter and you’ll be looking…well, divine.
Brazilian Spa Clay Ingredient Berry
Berry Beneficial
Say hello to amazing açai. Loaded with natural skin-enrichening moisturizers, this native rainforest super-fruit has the power to make your skin super-beautiful.
Brazilian Spa Clay Ingredient Clay
Crazy for Clay
A naturally mineral-rich ingredient full of all the beauty the earth has to offer, clay is known to purify and detoxify the skin revealing skin that’s not only radiantly beautiful but also healthy-looking.
Brazilian Spa Clay
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