Frequently Asked Questions
How often can I use Nair™ Hair Remover CoolGel?
Nair™ Hair Remover CoolGel can be used every 48 hours depending on how fast hair grows back. Always patch test before each use.
How many uses can I get per bottles of Nair™ Hair Remover CoolGel?
The package should be enough for multiple uses but will vary depending on the individual and the thickness of the application.
Why do I have to patch test every single time I use Nair™ Hair Remover CoolGel if I’ve already been using it for several years?
Nair™ CoolGel must be tested every time prior to use because body chemistry can change, a reaction can occur even when there has been prior use of the product without incident.
How long after using Nair™ Hair Remover CoolGel do I need to wait before using a tanning bed?
We suggest waiting 24 to 48 hours if skin is normal and healthy, and no irritation is evident.
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