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Infused with naturally-derived ingredients, our products leave you with silky, smooth skin that lasts.

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Inspired by beauty rituals from around the world, our products are infused with naturally-derived ingredients that help pamper your skin. Explore our ingredients guide to learn more about the remarkable beauty benefits nature brings us.

Our Natural Ingredients:

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    Açai Berry

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  • thumb-Clay


  • thumb-cocoa-butter

    Cocoa Butter

  • thumb-green-tea

    Green Tea

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    Mango Butter

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    Argan Oil

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    Orange Blossom

  • thumb-sunflower-oil

    Seed Oil

  • thumb-almond-oil

    Almond Oil

Açai Berry

Say hello to amazing Açai. Loaded with antioxidants and natural skin-enriching moisturizers, this native rainforest "superfood" has the ability to make your skin super beautiful.



Cultivated in tropical regions, it is said that Cleopatra attributed her legendary beauty to the plant. Modern research of the Aloe gel, obtained from the heart of the Aloe leaf, confirms the presence of softening and moisturizing compounds. Highly prized in cosmetics for its moisturizing and soothing properties, there's good reason to get to know Aloe.



This naturally mineral-rich ingredient is full of all the beauty the earth has to offer. Known to purify and detoxify, Clay has the power to reveal skin that's not only radiantly beautiful but also healthy-looking.


Cocoa Butter

Extracted from the cocoa bean, Cocoa Butter is a natural antioxidant with nourishing, anti-dehydrating and anti-aging properties. It's a deliciously indulgent treat for the skin.


Green Tea

Originating from China, Green Tea has become associated with many cultures throughout Asia. Known for its abundant health benefits, including antioxidant properties, this widely touted ingredient is often used in Sensitive formulas. It's perfection to a tea.



Found in sheep's wool, Lanolin has waterproofing properties that help protect the sheep's skin from rain and other environmental conditions. Similarly, when applied to human skin, it has the ability to help soothe dryness and irritation. Shear genius.


Mango Butter

Known as the "divine fruit," this antioxidant-rich tropical wonder is a Brazilian favorite because of its natural moisturizing properties. Just a bit of Mango Butter and you'll be looking…well, divine. 


Moroccan Argan Oil

Full of antioxidants, this sought after ingredient is known for its restorative, skin beautifying powers. Often referred to as "liquid gold," it's been a part of the Moroccan beauty ritual for centuries.


Sunflower Seed Oil

Light in texture, this incredible oil offers a bouquet of beauty benefits. Not only does it calm redness and irritation, but it also helps skin retain moisture without the worry of clogging pores. It's a ray of sunshine for your skin. 


Sweet Almond Oil

Ideal for all skin types, this nurturing emollient is cultivated in the Mediterranean region. We're nuts for its rich, moisturizing properties.