How Nair™ Hair Remover Works

It's a magic potion. Kind of. But really it comes down to safe, science-backed ingredients and nourishing natural elements. Take a closer look at the Nair™ formula and prepare to be amazed: Now you see hair, now you don't.

How do Nair™ depilatory creams work?

Hair removal creams, also known as depilatories, safely remove unwanted hair from the body. They go on like a lotion or spray and break down the protein bonds that hold hair together beneath the skin's surface. This allows the weakened hair to be wiped away easily and painlessly. That feeling you get while watching hair simply slide away? Pure satisfaction. You can also feel good about what you put on your skin knowing that Nair™ has been developed by skincare specialists, beauty insiders and industry vets with 80 years of unmatched body hair removal innovation experience. Nair™ products are dermatologist tested to ensure the highest levels of safety.

Active Ingredients in Nair™

Safe but powerful. Nair™ contains two active ingredients that remove hair and several carefully selected supporting ingredients that protect and nourish skin. The active ingredients in Nair™ are potassium thioglycolate and calcium hydroxide. While these are big, scientific-sounding names, knowing what they do and why they're safe makes them way less intimidating. Potassium thioglycolate and calcium thioglycolate are organic compounds that weaken hair by breaking down the keratin proteins that bind it. The hair can then be easily wiped away. Kept on the skin for only short periods of time, these ingredients break the hair protein down and exfoliate to reveal sensationally smooth skin. Most Nair™ formulas use potassium thioglycolate, while Nair™ sensitive skin formulas use calcium thioglycolate, which is still effective but even gentler on the skin.

Natural Ingredients in Nair™

While the active ingredients take on the heavy lifting of hair removal, several nourishing ingredients pamper and protect your skin. Different Nair™ products are designed with different natural additions for their moisturizing, skin-softening benefits, which may include:
  • Moroccan argan oil, known for being nutrient-rich and restorative
  • Orange blossom for a beautifully delicate fragrance
  • Natural coconut oil, known for being moisturizing
  • Vitamin E, known for being detoxifying
  • Sweet almond oil, known for being moisturizing
  • Green tea, known for being moisturizing
  • Aloe, known for being soothing
  • Cocoa butter, known for being moisturizing
  • Shea butter, known for being smoothing and softening
  • Seaweed, known for being moisturizing and exfoliating
  • Charcoal, known for being exfoliating and brightening
  • Natural clay, known for being detoxifying
  • Rosewater, known for being soothing
  • Lavender, known for being moisturizing
  • Sunflower seed oil, known for being skin-calming

Using Nair With Confidence

Knowing what the ingredients in Nair™ depilatories are and how they work gives you the power to achieve the look and smoothness you want with confidence and peace of mind. Choose the Nair™ product that suits your needs, and start the journey to hassle-free, long-lasting hair removal that actually cares for your skin. Whether you're looking to bare a little skin, show off those sculpted muscles, snuggle up to someone special or just bask in your own beauty, you can celebrate yourself with Nair™.