General Nair™ Questions

Does Nair™ last longer than shaving?

You bet. The smooth, hair-free skin achieved with Nair™ products lasts days longer than shaving, because Nair™ hair removal creams chemically remove hair below the skin's surface. Shaving physically removes it just above the surface. For even longer lasting results, try Nair™ waxes. The results can last up to 4 weeks.* Think of what you can do with all the extra free time.

Does Nair™ make hair grow back thicker?

Nope, Nair™ does not make hair grow back thicker. Other methods like shaving and waxing don't either. In fact, waxing can have the opposite effect - following a regular waxing routine can cause hair to grow back finer than it was before.

What does Nair™ smell like?

Nair™ products come in a variety of light, fresh scents with ingredients like orange blossom and Damask rose. And the Men's Nair™ line* offers bold, cutting-edge scents that were developed in collaboration with the finest fragrance houses.

*While there's a dedicated Men's Nair™ line, all Nair™ products are appropriate for and can be used by all genders.

As the active ingredients in Nair™ go to work removing your hair, you may sense a slight singed hair smell. This is normal and it goes away quickly as you wipe away unwanted hair to reveal smooth, radiant skin.

Do Nair™ products have an expiration date?

No, there is no expiration date on any Nair™ product. But for best results, it's recommended that you replace your product one year after opening.

Do Nair™ Leg Masks™ remove hair?

Yes, Nair™ Leg Masks™ remove leg hair quickly and safely. They also moisturize your skin, minimize hair regrowth and lavish your legs with spa-like luxury. Choose from three skin pampering formulas. Or, why not try them all?

Will Nair™ affect my tattoo?

Nope. Nair™ hair removal creams will not affect tattoos. Depilatory creams gently exfoliate and remove hair just below the skin's surface or epidermis, while tattoo ink is applied to the dermis, a layer of the skin that's much deeper than hair removal creams can reach.

Is Nair™ expensive?

While that's a relative term, we think most would say no, Nair™ is not expensive. Nair™ is an affordable hair removal option with products ranging from $3 - $9. Using Nair™ products is less expensive than salon visits, and they can be found online or in-store at leading retailers.

Are Nair™ products tested on animals?

Nair™ finished products are not tested on animals. But they are dermatologist tested and safe when used as directed.

Nair™ Product Usage Questions

Which areas of the body can Nair™ be used on?

There's a Nair™ product for everybody and every body part. (Just make sure you pay attention to what the package says and only use where directed. You can find the right product for your needs with our quiz.)

From removing facial hair to leg hair and all the body hair in between, Nair™ depilatory creams and waxes can help you achieve beautifully smooth, silky skin. Explore all our guides about getting rid of hair from specific body parts.

Can I use Nair™ down there?

First of all, make sure you're using the appropriate product. Read all warnings and directions on the product package and only use it on the usage areas listed. But yes, you can use certain Nair™ products down there to get your bikini and pubic area into shape. When we say bikini area, that includes all of his, her and their - ahem - private bits.

Nair™ Bikini Cream and Nair™ Wax Ready-Strips for Face & Bikini are formulated for those oh-so sensitive areas. Nair™ Spa Sugar™ Wax Hair Remover provides an even gentler alternative with 100% naturally derived ingredients.

Like all Nair™ hair removal products, Nair™ products for the bikini area are safe when used as directed. They're made for use near but not directly on your genitals.

Can I use Nair™ on my beard?

Make sure you follow all warnings and directions on each specific product package. Men's Nair is NOT to be used on the face. The only products designed for facial use are Nair™ Face Cream and Nair™ Wax Ready-Strips for Face & Bikini.

Do you use Nair™ before or after you shower?

It really depends on the Nair™ product you choose. All products should always be applied before and outside of the shower, but certain products such as Shower Creams can remove hair while you shower. Just rinse it off at the end of your usual showering routine.

If you're using Nair™ wax, it's a good idea to shower and exfoliate with a loofah or washcloth at least 24 hours before waxing. Get more waxing tips here.

How long should you leave Nair™ on?

It really depends on the specific product you're using. In general, Nair™ hair removal creams should be left on the skin between 3 and 10 minutes. The typical Nair™ product works in as little as 5 minutes. Don't leave them on longer than 10 minutes, that's the maximum. Seriously, no longer than that.

But, depending on the Nair™ product you're using and your skin/hair type, each one has specific time requirements. Please see the following product guides for detailed information:

What happens if you rub in Nair™?

Please follow all warnings and directions on your product package, including no rubbing. If you rub in Nair™ hair removal creams, you run the risk of irritating your skin and you stand the chance of preventing the product from effectively coating and removing unwanted hair.

For best results, apply Nair™ in a thick, even layer to cover all the hair you want to remove. Let it be, and let it work its magic. Then gently remove all of the product with a damp washcloth or sponge to reveal gorgeous, hair-free skin.

For detailed instructions, see the how-to Product Guides for the specific products you're using and our how-to Body Guides in our Inspo & Info section for area-specific hair removal tips.

Can pregnant women use Nair™ products?

Yes, pregnant women can use Nair™ products as long as all warnings and directions are followed. If you are unsure, please consult your physician before using Nair™.

Can men use Nair™?

Anyone can! We're here for all people and all parts. Not only can men use Nair™ hair removal products, we also have a Men's Nair™ line that offers bold, cutting-edge scents developed in collaboration with the finest fragrance houses. And while Men's Nair was made with gents in mind, all Nair™ products are appropriate for and can be used by all genders.

Nair™ Safety Questions

Is Nair™ safe to use?

Yes, Nair™ hair removal creams are safe when used as directed and if all warnings and directions on the product package are followed. All Nair™ products are tested clinically for safety and dermatologist tested, and sensitive formulas are also available. They're even gentler on skin than the original formulas yet just as tough on hair.

Does Nair™ burn?

That's a burning question. When used as directed, most people should not experience any burning sensations, and Nair™ hair removal creams are a safe way to get rid of unwanted hair. It's normal to feel a slight tingling feeling while the product is working to remove your hair, but the tingling will stop once you remove the cream.

Please follow all warnings and directions on the product package. Irritation or allergic reaction may occur with some people, even if they've used it before without adverse effects in the past. That's why you MUST do a patch test by applying the product to a small part of the area where you want to remove hair before full use. Follow directions and wait 24 hours. If your skin appears normal after that, go right on ahead with the full application.

Nair™ also offers sensitive formulas designed to be even gentler on skin but just as effective at removing hair. Choose the right Nair™ products for you and enjoy long-lasting, silky-smooth skin.

Why do I have to patch test every single time I use Nair™ products? I've been using them for several years.

It's important to perform a patch test every time you use Nair™ products because body chemistry is constantly changing, and those changes can cause your skin to react differently to Nair™.

After successfully using Nair™ several times, you might be tempted to think that a patch test is unnecessary. But here's the thing - stress, diet, the environment and any number of other factors can cause your skin to react differently. It's always better to be careful and make sure that nothing gets in the way of the amazing hair removal experience and silky-smooth skin you deserve.

*Individual results may vary.