Just to Clarify, What's Included in the Bikini Area?

For our purposes, bikini or pubic area hair removal covers the zone near his, her and their genitals. This includes removing hair without shaving from the private bits - the vagina, scrotum, testicles, penis and anus. Pretty much anything involved in Brazilian hair removal. Please note that Nair™ for the bikini area can be used in grooming hair around the genitals but should not be used directly on the genitals.

Options for Removing the Hair Down There with Nair™

Nair™ offers several options to make pubic and bikini area hair removal oh-so easy.

Removing Pubic and Bikini Hair with Creams

Removing Pubic and Bikini Hair with Waxes

Nair™ waxes help you achieve beautifully smooth skin by gently and effectively removing stubborn, inconveniently located pubic hairs. If you're new to waxing or need a refresher, read waxing tips for beginners to help you attain professional-quality results.

Pubic Hair Removal Tips

Here are a few tips to make pubic hair removal more comfortable.
  • Use a favorite bikini or underwear bottom as a template for where to remove hair.
  • Don't apply hair removal products directly to your genitals.
  • Use a cold compress or fragrance-free and dye-free cream or gel to soothe and moisturize your skin after hair removal.
Don't let the hair down there get you down. Use Nair™ depilatories and waxes for bikini area hair removal. While pubic hair removal isn't exactly a day at the beach, Nair™ will make it feel as close as possible. Be bold. Be confident. Be sensationally smooth.