What Exactly Is Manscaping?

While manscaping addresses body hair removal for men, it's not an all or nothing proposition. Efforts range from "take it all off" to "let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!" And somewhere in between all of that, you'll find varying degrees of maintenance, from trimming for a refined natural look to precision shaping for a more sculpted appearance. It's really a matter of preference, and it's all fair game. But what's the point? Is it even necessary?

Why Remove Body Hair?

Removing body hair is not a must. It's a personal choice, and the reasons to remove (or not to remove) body hair are as varied as the people making the choice. Some guys are blessed with thick locks - in various places - that they take great pride in celebrating. Others simply prefer a smooth look or enjoy a heightened sensation when snuggling with that special someone. Sometimes it's a matter of style - think handlebar mustaches, luxurious beards and gloriously bald heads. And who doesn't appreciate a neatly coiffed eyebrow? There's also a more utilitarian side to body hair grooming, like taking care of wayward, overly assertive nose and ear hair. Hair removal also has a long-standing association with athletics. Many body builders, bikers, runners, swimmers and other athletes remove hair to show off hard-earned muscles, prevent chafing, reduce drag and more. Traditionally, hair removal may have been considered more of a woman's domain. But come on, this is the 21st century. Attitudes about hair removal for men (and attitudes about gender in general) have come a long way. It's your body and your life. If you want to keep your hair in of all its natural glory, go for it! Or if you see yourself as more of a smooth operator, no worries. There are several ways to keep body hair in check.

Tools of the Hair-Removal Trade

If you want to tame or remove hair, there are several ways to get the job done.
  • Tweezers are designed to target individual stray hairs by plucking them from the root. It can sting a little and be time consuming, so it's best left for small areas and precision shaping.
  • Scissors are great for shaping, trimming and reducing length. When shaping beards and mustaches, you'll need a little free-hand skill to keep things symmetrical. Scissors can also help get the process going before shaving or waxing by removing excess length quickly. Be sure to use scissors with a specially rounded end and proceed with caution when working in delicate or sensitive areas like the nose, ears and genitals.
  • Nair™ hair removal cream offers safe, convenient hair removal without the need for a razor. These hair removal creams and lotions weaken and remove hair just below the skin's surface for an extremely smooth, long-lasting result. They work well on large areas and provide several options for at-home convenience with professional-quality results. While there's a dedicated line of Nair™ hair removal for men, the entire Nair™ product suite is available and appropriate for all - it's not just for the ladies!
  • Waxing is a quick, but not altogether painless hair removal option. It does, however, provide the longest lasting hair removal results - up to 8 weeks.* That's a long time that you don't have to worry about hair removal. Nair™ provides several options for at-home waxing.
  • Shaving provides a quick and cost-effective way to remove hair from larger areas of the body. But stubble can show up quickly, making frequent shaves necessary to maintain smoothness. Because razor burn and ingrown hairs are also possible, shaving is not the best solution for removing chest and back hair. It's better suited to legs and underarms. For a successful shave keep the following in mind:
    • Take your time. Rushing often leads to nicks and cuts.
    • Moisturize skin before shaving and use shaving cream during the shave to help the razor glide safely over the skin and avoid irritation.
    • To avoid cuts and spreading germs, never use a razor on your face that was previously used elsewhere on the body. You can go from face to body, but never the other way around.
    • Ditch old, dull blades. Nothing good has ever come from a shave with a dull razor.
  • Electric trimmers are quick and easy to use, and allow you to maintain hair without removing it all. Guards of different sizes can be attached to get a well-groomed look at a desired length. Trimmers are good for both larger and smaller areas.
Whatever you decide concerning body hair removal, Nair™ is here to support you in being the bold, confident, best version of yourself - whether that's bare and smooth, trimmed and manicured or as you are naturally. *Individual results may vary.