Ok, Hair Removal Creams Are Safe, But Are They Effective?

Nair™ hair removal creams are both safe and effective. For decades Nair™ has successfully helped thousands achieve silky-smooth, hair-free skin. From short shorts to wool suits and everything in between, you provide the outfit, and Nair™ will take care of the touchably smooth skin. In fact, the smooth results from Nair™ last days longer than the results of other hair removal methods, except for waxing and laser removal which have longer lasting results than depilatories. And Nair™ also eliminates issues like razor stubble, nicks and cuts. The active ingredients in Nair™ are similar to those used in at-home hair treatments like perms and relaxers. Effective on all hair types from fine to coarse, Nair™ removes hair and is gentle on skin.

How Does Nair™ Affect Skin?

When used properly, Nair™ leaves skin soft and radiant. As Nair™ dissolves the protein bonds in hair, it gently exfoliates. When the hair is wiped away, beautiful, glowing skin is revealed. Like any product, Nair™ affects everyone differently and must be used responsibly and according to instructions.

How to Ensure Safe, Successful Hair Removal with Nair™

These tips will help make your hair removal experience a smooth one, resulting in the soft, luminous skin you deserve.
  • If skin is irritated, sunburned or otherwise damaged, wait until it's completely healed before using any hair removal method.
  • Do not exfoliate immediately before or after using a hair removal cream.
  • Carefully read and follow all instructions included with the product.
  • Always perform a skin patch test before every application, even if you've successfully used Nair™ before. Skin chemistry is constantly changing and can be affected by environmental factors.
  • If any irritation occurs during the patch test, rinse the product away immediately and discard the remaining product.
  • Avoid sun exposure for 24 hours after application.
In the event of skin sensitivity to hair removal creams, there are several other methods of hair removal that can be used. Whatever your hair removal journey, Nair™ is here to provide information and support to help you achieve the most healthy and beautiful version of you. We've got your back. Or legs. Or upper lip - you get the idea.