Types of Sensitive Formulas

When dealing with sensitive skin, the best hair removal creams are the ones specifically formulated with sensitive skin in mind. Nair™ Sensitive Formula Shower Cream and Nair™ Sensitive Formula Glide On are designed to be even more gentle than the original formulas, but just as effective. These hair removal creams are dye-free, paraben-free and have a light, gentle scent. They smell great from the start and let you finish with totally touchable skin. Because Nair™ Shower Creams can be used in the shower, thorough removal can be accomplished quickly and easily without rubbing. Certainly a plus for sensitive skin.

Mix It Up for Consistently Smooth Skin

Sometimes, even with sensitive formulas, it's a good idea to give skin time to rest. Hair remover, given its longer-lasting results, can be used on an alternating schedule with other hair removal methods like shaving. It's a great way to get the ultra-smooth result from depilatories while extending the time between applications. Waxing provides even longer-lasting results. Our Nair™ Ready Wax Strips deliver beautifully smooth, hair-free skin for up to 8 weeks.* That gives skin plenty of time to rest. When alternating with shaving, the time between applications can be extended even further. Never waxed before? No problem, check out our waxing for beginners guide.

Sensitive Skin and Shaving

Wondering how to shave sensitive skin and fend off razor bumps and ingrown hairs? Keeping skin moisturized before, during and after shaving is key.
  • Before shaving. Lotion up regularly to keep skin soft and smooth.
  • While shaving. Using shaving cream and shaving in the shower (with the warm water running) soften hair, making it easier for the razor to glide across the skin. Shaving in the direction of hair growth - from root to end - also lessens friction and irritation.
    • Electric shavers are also good for sensitive skin since they prevent nicks and cuts. But don't use an electric shaver in the shower unless the manufacturer's instructions say it's OK.
  • After shaving. Just finished shaving? Then lotion up again and show some love to your freshly-shaved, smooth skin.

Proceeding with Care

Regardless of skin type, it's important to treat your skin with care. These general guidelines will help ensure successful hair removal every time.
  • Inspect before you start. If skin is irritated, sun burned or otherwise damaged, wait until it's completely healed before using any hair removal technique.
  • Patch test. Always test hair removal creams on a small patch of skin before every use, even if you've successfully used them before. Skin chemistry changes constantly and can be affected by the environment among other things.
  • Hydrate internally and externally. Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep skin at its healthiest. And always moisturize skin before and after hair removal to ensure comfortable skin and the best results.

Your Health and Comfort Come First

When searching for the best hair removal methods and products for sensitive skin, there are plenty of options to consider. It's important to use whatever works well for you and your skin type. The most beautiful version of you is the happy, healthy version. Nair™ is here to support you no matter what option you choose. Be good to yourself. *Individual results may vary.