Nair™ Sensitive Formula Glide On

Hair Remover with Coconut Oil & Vitamin E

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Easy to apply, easy on the skin. Nair™ Glide On Sensitive Formula gives you the power to remove hair right where you want it - without touching the formula. With our hands-free applicator, you're in control. While it's strong enough to get rid of unwanted hair below the skin's surface, it's also gentle enough to take care of your sensitive skin. Infused with 100% natural coconut oil and vitamin E, gentle is the new strong. Formerly known as Nair™ Sensitive Formula Glides Away™ with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.
  • Legs, arms, underarms and bikini area. Not for use on face.
  • Sensitive skin.
  • Normal to coarse hair.
  • Natural coconut oil, known for being moisturizing
  • Vitamin E, known for being detoxifying

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Net wt. 3.3 oz. (93g)

Why you'll love it

Gentle on skin Our iconic hair removal formula comes in a sensitive version, so it's powerful enough to take care of your unwanted hair but gentle enough to care for your skin.
Easy, hands-free application With a touch-free applicator, you can take care of your hair removal without touching your hair remover. It's perfect for hard-to-reach areas, too.
Dermatologist tested Trust the experts. Not only has Nair™ been the go-to hair removal brand for over 80 years, we also pass all our products by skincare professionals.

Instructions for use

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