Remove Hair with Nair™

Nair™ Glide On comes in two convenient, skin-pampering formulas.

Before You Start

1. Prep. Read the instructions in this guide (or on the Glide On package) all the way through, and make sure you have everything you need nearby before getting started:
  • Nair™ Glide On
  • Timer
  • Sink or shower
  • Damp washcloth or sponge
2. Test patch. Because skin chemistry changes and is affected by several factors like diet and environment, always test the product on a small area of skin 24 hours before full application - even if you've used Nair™ Glide On successfully in the past. Leave the test amount on according to the time listed in the instructions for regular application, making sure not to exceed 10 minutes. If any irritation occurs, rinse thoroughly and discard the product. If the test goes smoothly, you're good to go.

Using Nair™ Glide On

1. Glide It On

Light a candle, maybe? Then turn the dial on the Glide On tube to dispense the cream onto dry skin in a thick, even layer without rubbing it in.

2. Set Your Timer and Zen Out

Sit back, close your eyes (cucumber slices optional) and think about how awesome your skin is going to feel. Set a timer to make sure the process doesn't exceed 10 minutes.

3. Check Your Progress After 3-6 minutes, check a small area for hair removal. If the hair comes off easily, it's time to remove the product. If not, Glide On can be left on longer - but no longer than 10 minutes total. FYI coarser hair might take longer than fine hair to remove.

4. Glide the Hair Away

Gently wipe the cream off with a damp washcloth, then thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water and pat skin dry with a clean towel.

5. Enjoy

Take a moment to appreciate your radiant, hair-free skin.

6. Maintenance

To maintain sensationally soft skin, you can use Nair™ Glide On every few days. Allow at least 72 hours between each application.