Chest and Back Hair Removers

Removing hair at home can be quick and easy. Shaving is a fast and inexpensive mode of hair removal, but it's not the best method for removing chest and back hair. The discomfort from razor stubble in these areas can be intense. Kind of like being on the wrong side of a porcupine. Uncomfortable for you, and definitely not good for cuddling. Hair removal creams, also known as depilatories, are a great alternative to shaving for preventing ingrown hairs and revealing smooth, touchable skin with longer-lasting results. They safely break down the protein bonds in hair so that it can be easily and painlessly wiped away. Hair removal creams also gently exfoliate skin which prevents ingrown hairs. Nicks, cuts and razor bumps are also eliminated. Waxing is another alternative to shaving with even longer lasting results. Wax is applied to the skin and clings to the hair. When the wax is pulled away, the hair goes with it. The process of removing the wax can be uncomfortable, but with a few waxing pro tips, any potential discomfort can be minimized. An advantage of waxing is that the smooth, hair-free skin lasts even longer than it does with depilatories. From hair removal creams to waxing, Nair™ offers several options for removing unwanted chest and back hair. *While there's a dedicated Men's Nair™ line with bold, cutting-edge fragrances, all Nair™ products are appropriate for and can be used by all genders. For detailed instructions see How to Use Nair™ Wax and How to Use Nair™ Spa Sugar™ Wax. If you're new to waxing or need a refresher, read Waxing for Beginners.

Is It Easy to Remove Chest and Back Hair by Yourself?

Removing chest and back hair can be easier and a lot more fun when done with a partner or close friend (even if you have to swear each other to secrecy about the "you wax my back and I'll wax yours" pact). But really, you can remove chest and back hair by yourself and get professional-quality results without the expensive salon bills. Removing chest hair yourself is easier because the chest is visible in the mirror. But, what about back hair? How do you even reach it? Not to worry, removing back hair can still be part of an easy, DIY grooming routine with a little know-how and the right products.

How to Remove Back Hair Yourself:

  • A long-handled application brush will make it much easier to apply depilatory creams and lotions when working alone to remove back hair.
  • sprayed upside down, making it easier to reach the back and other areas that would otherwise require some twisting and turning.
  • When waxing back hair at home, let's face it, you're going to need someone else's help.

How to Remove Chest and Back Hair with Nair™

Nair™ how-to guides make at-home chest and back hair removal a breeze.

Is Removing Chest and Back Hair Even Necessary?

When it comes to removing body hair, it's a personal choice. There will always be outspoken people with plenty of opinions. What's really important is doing what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Whatever your decision on hair removal, Nair™ is here to support you in being fearlessly and unapologetically you. *Individual results may vary.