How long before vacation should I remove hair?

When to remove hair before a vacation depends on if you’re shaving with a razor, waxing, or using a hair removal cream (more details below). Schedule your hair waxing about 3 days before a trip and shave or use a depilatory the day before travel.

How long before vacation should I wax?

Let your body or pubic hair grow for 2-3 weeks before your vacation, so it’s at least ½ inch long for waxing. Wax 2-3 days before your trip, in case your skin is sensitive or has any reddening after hair removal. You’ll be ready to bare it all when you arrive at your destination, and since waxing typically lasts 3-6 weeks (depending on your hair growth) you should be good to go for the duration of your vacation. Bring a few Nair™ Wax Strips in your travel bag in case you need any touch-ups. Get more waxing tips with our How to Use Nair™ Wax Guide and our Waxing Tips for Beginners.

How long before vacation should I use Nair hair removal cream or wax strips?

Do your Nair hair removal cream test patch 2 days before you travel, then wait 24 hours to make sure your skin is ready. About 24 hours before you travel or plan to be in the sun, use your favorite Nair™ product to remove hair from your face, legs, back, chest, arms, or pubic area. Don’t get so excited about your vacation that you skip patch-testing or forget to follow the instructions on the package! If you’ll be gone for more than 3 days, bring your favorite Nair product with you to keep smooth throughout your vacation.

How long does waxing or sugar waxing last?

Typically, waxing removes hair for at least 3 weeks, but your personal rate of hair growth may be different. Some areas may grow back faster than others, so keep some wax strips or another hair removal product available for touch-up between waxes as needed.

How long does hair removal cream last?

Hair removal cream dissolves hair below the surface, while shaving cuts the hair off at the surface. Nair™ depilatory cream should keep you hair-free for 3 or more days, depending on your rate of hair growth and just how smooth you like to keep it.

Tips for Hair Removal While on Vacation

Ok, so you’ve taken care of unwanted hair before you travelled, but what about any stubble or missed spots that pop up while you’re away? And how does sun and fun affect hair removal? We’ve got answers below.

How long after using Nair™ can I go in the sun?

After waxing or using a hair removal cream, wait 24 hours before tanning or exposing skin to the sun. After hair removal, skin is especially sensitive – and super smooth since you’ve exfoliated and removed hair. For that matter, it’s best to wait to tan after shaving as well – as anyone who’s ever gotten red bumps or felt the sting on their skin will tell you.

Can I use wax or use Nair if I have a sunburn?

Don’t shave, wax, or use hair removal cream on sunburnt skin. Wait until it’s healed before removing hair from sunburnt skin. Another great reason to always wear sunscreen!

Can I use Nair and go swimming or in the hot tub?

Wait 24 hours after waxing or using a depilatory before going in chlorinated water such as a pool or hot tub. The chemicals in the water can irritate your newly smooth skin, so give it a short rest before diving in. Salt water or fresh water without added chemicals is fine.

How often can I use Nair™ hair removal cream?

You can use Nair hair removal cream, masks, bladeless shave, or glide-on products every 3 days (72 hours), as needed to remove hair and stubble. Always patch-test before use, since your skin is a living organ that changes day-to-day! Brush up on how to use Nair™ to make sure you get the most out of it.

Can I travel with Nair?

You can travel with your favorite Nair™ products, but depending on how you’re traveling, you might need to plan ahead to make sure you’re ready. Traveling by car, train or cruise ship? Bring your Nair™ full-size creams, masks, or foams along for the ride. Heading to your vacation by airplane? Here are some tips:
  • Full-size liquid hair removal products go in checked baggage. You can still travel with Nair leg masks, shower cream, spray, or bladeless shave as long as you put them in your checked bag. The max size for liquid in an airplane carry-on bag is 3.4 ounces or 100 ml.
  • Travel light with Nair™ Wax Strips. These are perfect for any vacation because they can go in carry-on luggage and don’t take up much room in your bag. Plus, you don’t need to heat them up or add any water – they’re ready to use right out of the package, making them super convenient for vacation on the go.
  • Try putting Nair™ hair removal creams in a reusable to go container that TSA carry on approved.This is a good choice if you anticipate needing to remove hair from larger areas while on vacay.
  • Nair™ Bikini Cream is air-travel-ready in your carry-on bag. With a convenient 1.7 oz tube, Nair™ makes keeping your private parts smooth easy while on vacation.
  • Nair™ Face Cream Hair Remover is sized at 2 oz so you can keep your face fuzz-free while traveling, even in your carry-on luggage.
  • Pack all your liquids in your carry on or checked bags inside zippered plastic bags, just in case there’s a spill. You can use food or freezer bags for this purpose or purchase travel zippered clear bags that are more durable.

Nair Hair Removal Everyday or On Vacay

Vacations should be like your body after using Nair™ -- smooth and sensational. With these facts and tips about when to remove hair before you travel, you’re ready for wherever your legs (and arms and back) can take you. Bon voyage!